What makes our product so great?
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Dentist Approved

Recommended by dentists for daily dental hygiene and care.

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All-in-One convenience

This amazing product provides a compact package that allows for an easy to use product great for camping or travel.

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100% Recycleable

Eco-friendly components. When the toothbrush has run its course, please recycle.

Where Our Product Began

Bringing an idea to reality

How many times have you wished you could just brush your teeth while in the most inconvenient of places? For some of us, it is a first date, or a three-week hunting trip, or perhaps it is the "red eye" from New York to Brussels. No matter where you are, dental hygiene is always a priority and until now there was not a convenient way to achieve it.

Of course, most drugstores offer a travel toothbrush, packet of floss, and a small tube of toothpaste. These days, people want a product that’s compact, convenient, and necessary. Introducing TrekFresh.

Currently, there is nothing like it on the market. TrekFresh combines the three essential items needed for proper oral hygiene. The toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste are encased in a 100% recyclable plastic container that is perfect for the traveler, hunter, or first date in all of us. It can fit into any briefcase, purse, or glovebox. Not only is this evolutionary tool convenient, but was designed, tested and approved by a dentist. We hope you Trek Fresh, Trek Well, Trek Often.

Thank you,

Dr. Chris & Mike