Why Analog Photography Is Returning Popular

Why Analog Photography Is Returning Popular

Why Analog Photography Is Returning Popular – The trend of analog photography has become a trend that has been popular since a long time ago by teenagers today, this photo trend is the most popular photo trend lately.

Lately, analog photography has returned to be favored by young people. On Instagram, we often find hashtags related to analog photography, such as #filmsnotdead which reached 1,030,530 posts, #buyfilmnotmegapixels with 2,646,884 posts and # 35mmfilm which reached 5,206,827 posts on Instagram.

1. Non-instantaneous processes make us more patient

When shooting with a DSLR or mirrorless, the images we take will be immediately displayed in the camera gallery and we can immediately see them. Unlike analog cameras, if you want to see the results, you need to wash the film into a negative or cliché. After that, we need to wait for our photos to be printed. This waiting process makes us more patient.

2. The shape of the analog camera is very aesthetic and unique

Old analog cameras have a unique and aesthetic shape. Digital cameras generally have a similar design, while analog cameras have a more varied form. Interestingly, the price is cheaper than digital cameras, so you can collect several analog cameras at once.

3. An analog camera makes you better understand how the camera works

Using a digital camera with automatic mode will dull our photographic instincts. Meanwhile, shooting with an analog camera will make us understand more about how the camera works. For example, we have to set ISO / ASA, aperture ring and shutter speed dial. To master it, you have to tinker with the analog camera yourself.

4. In one roll of film, we can only shoot between 24-36 images

In a digital camera, we can take as many pictures as possible according to the memory card capacity and the photo resolution used. Meanwhile, in analog cameras, the number is limited. We can only shoot 24-36 images per roll of film. Quite a bit, huh?

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5. The sensation of being in a dark room is very pleasant

Before the photo is printed, our shots must be processed into a dark room first. The dark room is used for processing film, making prints, doing editing and other things. Working in a dark room is a very pleasant experience because we can know how our photos are processed, explains the Canva website.

6. You can learn about lighting and color

What causes analog photo prints to differ from one another? Some produce soft colors, some are contrasting and some are sharp. Apparently, the various chemicals in the film influence the way light and color are formed.

In addition, you will find that each camera has its own photo characteristics. For example, Kodak Portra or Ektar are suitable for portrait photos because they produce soft skin tones. For nature photography, Fujifilm Velvia is more suitable.

7. Photos that “fail” still look artistic

We don’t always produce perfect photos. There are times when we produce photos with vignettes, double exposures, light leaks and out of focus. However, the ‘failed’ photos that we produce still look artistic. In fact, this ‘failed’ photo creates a beautiful work of art, says the Canva page.

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