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Tips for Choosing a Quality Tripod

Tips for Choosing a Quality Tripod – As we all know that a tripod is one part of photography that is needed to complete a photography. A tripod is used to be able to produce far more satisfying photo results. There are various types of tripods sold in the market. Starting from hundreds of thousands of rupiah to millions. The quality is clearly different, although at first glance the tripod looks the same. There are several components that set it apart, such as the material, weight, and load-bearing capacity of the tripod.

If you don’t research it before buying, the tripod you buy might not be what you want, so it will be damaged, broken, and even damage your camera due to falling while using it. Here are some points that can be considered before you buy a tripod.

Tips for Choosing a Quality Tripod

1. Tripod Load

Before buying we must know how much strength the tripod can support the load. We also have to check the total weight of the camera and the lenses that are commonly used. This factor is very important because if the tripod that we buy turns out to be inappropriate, it can actually break and drop your camera and lens.

Try to choose a tripod that is able to support more than just the lens and camera, because you might later upgrade the camera or add accessories such as flash or battery grip on the camera.

2. Tripod Legs

The tripod legs generally come with two designs. Some are in the form of tubes and pipes.
There are also tripod legs made of carbon fiber which have a twist lock system to secure the legs. As for the aluminum tripod, the legs are equipped with steel which is designed in a flip-lock shape.

Some tripod legs also have three or five legs, depending on the maximum height of the tripod. More parts usually make it less stable.
If you have the intention of buying a sophisticated tripod, you can also replace the ends of the legs with rubber, plastic, or metal nails that have different performance and can be used in all terrains.

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3. Tripod head

The tripod head is one of the most important parts of a tripod system. This part is important because it has a big role to secure, attach the camera and regulate camera movement. When choosing a tripod head, always make sure the ball head can be moved freely so that shooting is easier in various conditions.

4. Tripod Height

Next is the height of the tripod. Look for a tripod that is suitable for your height to make it easier to see in the camera’s viewfinder. Try to position the viewfinder must match your eye level.
On the other hand, the flexibility of the tripod must also be considered so that it is easy to carry when traveling.

5. Tripod Weight

The weight of a tripod has an important role, this needs to be considered so that when we travel we are not bothered with the burden of the tripod that you have.

It’s a good idea to consider a tripod made of carbon fiber material. Carbon fiber material has a light weight, durable, not easy to rust, also more stable.…

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