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Some Simple Photography Tricks

Some Simple Photography Tricks – For those of you who like the world of photography, you will definitely understand what techniques are in photography. And for some people who just want to enter the world of photography, they can try some simple tricks to start taking photos. But you should not assume that all good photos are expensive and difficult to make. Not necessarily you know. Actually, you just need to be more creative. There are many things around you that are simple, cheap and have a cool effect if you know the right angle.

Well, instead of being confused, here are some simple photography tricks that you can practice yourself. For a traveler, this is really suitable.

Some Simple Photography Tricks

1. Black and white

This trick is one of the simple tricks that anyone can do. As the name suggests, this trick only uses black and white. One way to do this trick is to use a photo editing app that you can download on your smartphone. But remember, not all photos are suitable for this trick. So, make sure your photos are suitable for this trick!

2. Utilization of various colors

Well, if this is the opposite of the previous trick. The trick this time is even more utilizing a variety of colors to beautify the photo. This trick is usually used to express the feelings contained in the photo. The easiest way to apply this trick is to look for objects with contrasting colors. So make sure you find the right object!

3. Empty space

Now we move on to the trick which is quite challenging. The concept of this trick is to focus the object that we are shooting and eliminate other objects. The expected result of this trick is a photo that looks simple and elegant. To make it easier, you can crop the part of the photo that you don’t want when editing it.

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4. Light play

The world of photography cannot be separated from light. Well, the trick this time is a surefire trick to beautify a photo. Tricks can only be done at the right place and time. An easy way to learn this trick is to shoot in the morning or evening. In addition to sunlight, you can be creative with other lights to apply this trick.

5. Focus area

This trick is the most difficult trick on this list. This trick can be done on a DSLR camera or some devices that provide a blur feature on the camera. If your device doesn’t provide this feature, you can still work around this in a photo editing application. To be able to master this trick, it takes regular practice. Don’t be bored to try friends!…

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