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Know Popular Genres in Photography

Know Popular Genres in Photography – In becoming a photographer, there is definitely a lot to learn, including what genres and types are in shooting. The following is a list of popular genres in photography

Landscape (Landscape Photography)

Landscape photography is the art of taking pictures that uses natural scenery as the main object of the photo. This type of photo tends to focus on the beauty of nature alone.
The landscape photography genre inspires its audience to explore every inch of natural beauty in the world and capture it.

Know Popular Genres in Photography


The genre of wildlife photography is photography that is carried out to capture the life and activities of animals in their natural habitat.
This genre of photography is quite challenging because the photographer must be brave when encountering predatory animals. It takes special skills to approach these wildlife.
In general, to photograph these wild animals, a camera with a telephoto lens is needed to take pictures of animals from a distance. The long-range lens is useful for getting the impression of a close-up image without disturbing the peace of the animals.

Journalism Photography (Photojournalism)

Photos with the photojournalism genre must create images that contain an event. Photos taken must be able to tell the events that happened in it.
Photos belonging to this genre include photos during demonstrations, riots, natural disasters, and many more. Photographers must understand the rules of the world of journalism and later the photos will be broadcast to official media that have been registered with the press council.

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Portrait Photography or portrait photography is a genre where the main object is humans, which displays expressions, personalities, and moods.
In general, in portrait photography the object is focused on a person’s face. Face is the subject that can best describe a person’s mood.

Architecture Photography ( Architectural Photography)

The architectural photography genre deals with buildings, structures, and similar structures, as an aesthetic representation.
In photographing the architectural genre, it is not only the main composition, the harmony of a number of components must be considered. Symmetry, groove, rhythm, contrast and light will make a photo balanced and eye-catching.…

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