Photography Trends Born in the Pandemic

Photography Trends Born in the Pandemic

Photography Trends Born in the Pandemic – With the covid-19 pandemic, many people spend their time doing various hobbies, one of which is photography.

The COVID-19 pandemic inevitably forces us to be creative. Being cooped up at home for months on self-quarantine certainly bore us to death. However, from this pandemic, a trend called virtual photoshoot was born.

Virtual photoshoot is a remote photo session between the photographer and the model facilitated by a laptop, smartphone, camera and internet connection. One of the photographers who is doing virtual photoshoot is Safirah Ishami.

1. With a laptop, camera, smartphone and internet connection only

The tools needed to execute a virtual photoshoot are not too many. Photographers only need a laptop, camera, and of course an internet connection to make video calls via Skype. Meanwhile, the model only requires a smartphone and tripod to be stable and shaky.

2. The concept and property are adapted to what is in the house

To compile a virtual photoshoot concept, the photographer and model will discuss each other. Following the #dirumahaja campaign, as much as possible the property and wardrobe use what is in the house. According to Fira, most of the models wear casual style clothes.

Especially for timing, the best sunlight is during the golden hour, which is morning at 08:00 or afternoon at 15: 00-17: 00. If possible, get the model in direct light and position itself near a window or spot where there is direct sunlight.

3. Signal becomes the main obstacle in virtual photoshoot

As much as possible, virtual photoshoots are held when the signal is in good condition. If not, the video will turn into boxes like a mosaic and affect the resulting photo.

The fastest photo session is carried out in 30 minutes and the maximum is 1.5 hours. Virtual photoshoot will be made easier if the model often takes selfies. So, he knows the best angle from which direction and what kind of pose to pose.

4. Optimistic that there is a bright future for virtual photography

Even though it started as a fun activity to kill time during #dirumahaja, now virtual photoshoots are growing. More and more brands are willing to pay dearly for virtual photoshoots for their campaigns. Not to mention, there are more and more competitions and competitions related to virtual photography. It could be, someday virtual photography will become a special photography genre!

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