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Important Points in Mix Parlay Betting

Important Points in Mix Parlay Betting – Maybe you have read similar or similar articles, but this article is different because we have taken it from trusted sources, here are imprtant points in mix parlay betting.

Every time the discussion about football is incomplete when we review the ball type bet called the mix parlay. It can be said that this type of ball betting game is the greatest bet to play. The thing that makes this game great is that if you win it will be multiplied and the benefits will be huge. For some soccer betting fans, it is certain that they often hear this type of name that is familiar to them. Perhaps a large number of online soccer betting players have already tried the type of soccer betting game called mix parlay. Some people ask why this game has played a lot but the chance of winning is quite difficult. mix parlay ball betting can indeed make players immediately experience amazing benefits if they win. Because in this type you don’t just place one betting match. But here you can select multiple teams to make the bet into one package.

Important Points in Mix Parlay Betting

Because if you choose more teams in a sbobet sportsbook match because of that, the greater the benefits that will be achieved. But indeed the chance to win is not easy to get because if one of them loses because it has all lost. So you have to win this bet with optimal accuracy to decide on each installation. If you take one wrong step, your desire to win will not be obtained. Maybe if from the first match you have started you have lost because of that you lose straight away and it doesn’t hurt for you. For example, if you play five team matches but only one team remains to win and the team loses. Because it really hurts so much to feel in this one bet. It says why the chance to win will be so hard to get. Sometimes you play by placing bets for only one team, sometimes it is difficult to score the win.

Step Process Important Things In Mix Parlay Betting

Plus you put more than one team match the chance to win so the bigger it is difficult. So don’t just choose the bet on the team you play in the ball bet. Indeed, you can use a small amount of capital to be able to play, but you have to watch out for this. Do not stutter because with a small capital it is not a problem to lose in playing the mix parlay ball type bet. If you already understand the ball, it must be easy to choose a team and know the chance of winning one team. Here the place to entrust your luck that you have can also be for a chance to win. Sometimes good fortune can also take place in this type of ball game. If luck is good because of that you choose or place your bet freely, you can experience victory. Compared to those who have analyzed the team well for the match and also experienced defeat in the match. Because of that the mix parlay does not always depend on the awesomeness of placing the bet.

Everything that is important from the mix parlay soccer betting game is serious enough to keep analyzing every ball match. Here you can not be basic enough with one team fight only, but must be several teams as well. Because you don’t just place one match team bet to win. Players are required to make a win in every team match that is taken. If one is wrong, the desire to score a big win has vanished without desire. So you have to provide the right analysis in every match that you will play. You can’t choose a team that you don’t know in the world of football, of course. Play a team that you often watch or enjoy initially in soccer. Of course it will make it easier to get a win in every betting choice you play. The steps of the game ensure your success to score big wins. Try high enough to understand all the teams you will choose to make the mix parlay bet.…

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Process of Register Online Slot Gambling

Process of Register Online Slot Gambling – Next we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all people, following the process of registering online slot gambling.

First of all, what we have to do before registering is to look for a trusted online slot gambling agent site with official Indonesian money first, for example, the fafaslot online agent. Registering with the agent site is certainly safe, comfortable and profitable.

Therefore, it is very important for you to determine a slot gambling agent site that is already official and trusted. Because, the number of agent sites today is not entirely reliable. Some of them are fake agent / scam agent sites.

Process of Register Online Slot Gambling

Back again with our main discussion, namely, how to register or guide online slot gambling with the official Indonesian trusted slot agent site. Before we give the guidance, so prepare the necessary data in advance:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Bank account
  • Prepare the data in advance. So that later on, the guidelines that we will provide you can immediately practice. The following is a guide on how to register or create an online slot gambling account.

How to Create a Real Money Online Slot Account

If you have got a slot gambling agent site that is indeed trusted. And also has prepared a number of data for registration. So, next is to follow the method or guide to register with us below.

Access Trusted Slot Gambling Agent Sites

First of all, we need to access the trusted and official slot agent site that you have previously obtained. The way to access it is also very easy to do. You only need to access or open your site link from the browser apk you are using.

Click Menu List

If you have accessed the site in your browser application. So, next, of course, you will be transferred to the slot site you want to play. There are located various menus, and here find the list menu on the agent’s website. Then, click the list menu to start the first step in registering online slots.

Fill in the Register Form

After you click on the registration menu, of course your screen will be redirected to the registration form. Which is, for the registration form it needs to be filled in properly and completely. With the data that you prepared beforehand. Fill in all the fields in the registration form.…

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Why Analog Photography Is Returning Popular
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Why Analog Photography Is Returning Popular

Why Analog Photography Is Returning Popular – The trend of analog photography has become a trend that has been popular since a long time ago by teenagers today, this photo trend is the most popular photo trend lately.

Lately, analog photography has returned to be favored by young people. On Instagram, we often find hashtags related to analog photography, such as #filmsnotdead which reached 1,030,530 posts, #buyfilmnotmegapixels with 2,646,884 posts and # 35mmfilm which reached 5,206,827 posts on Instagram.

1. Non-instantaneous processes make us more patient

When shooting with a DSLR or mirrorless, the images we take will be immediately displayed in the camera gallery and we can immediately see them. Unlike analog cameras, if you want to see the results, you need to wash the film into a negative or cliché. After that, we need to wait for our photos to be printed. This waiting process makes us more patient.

2. The shape of the analog camera is very aesthetic and unique

Old analog cameras have a unique and aesthetic shape. Digital cameras generally have a similar design, while analog cameras have a more varied form. Interestingly, the price is cheaper than digital cameras, so you can collect several analog cameras at once.

3. An analog camera makes you better understand how the camera works

Using a digital camera with automatic mode will dull our photographic instincts. Meanwhile, shooting with an analog camera will make us understand more about how the camera works. For example, we have to set ISO / ASA, aperture ring and shutter speed dial. To master it, you have to tinker with the analog camera yourself.

4. In one roll of film, we can only shoot between 24-36 images

In a digital camera, we can take as many pictures as possible according to the memory card capacity and the photo resolution used. Meanwhile, in analog cameras, the number is limited. We can only shoot 24-36 images per roll of film. Quite a bit, huh?

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5. The sensation of being in a dark room is very pleasant

Before the photo is printed, our shots must be processed into a dark room first. The dark room is used for processing film, making prints, doing editing and other things. Working in a dark room is a very pleasant experience because we can know how our photos are processed, explains the Canva website.

6. You can learn about lighting and color

What causes analog photo prints to differ from one another? Some produce soft colors, some are contrasting and some are sharp. Apparently, the various chemicals in the film influence the way light and color are formed.

In addition, you will find that each camera has its own photo characteristics. For example, Kodak Portra or Ektar are suitable for portrait photos because they produce soft skin tones. For nature photography, Fujifilm Velvia is more suitable.

7. Photos that “fail” still look artistic

We don’t always produce perfect photos. There are times when we produce photos with vignettes, double exposures, light leaks and out of focus. However, the ‘failed’ photos that we produce still look artistic. In fact, this ‘failed’ photo creates a beautiful work of art, says the Canva page.…

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Points of Shooting Landscape Photography
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Points of Shooting Landscape Photography

Points of Shooting Landscape Photography – Landscape photography is a photo shoot with a landscape view, landscape photography is often used for photos of natural beauty.

Each genre of photography has different needs. For example, the lenses needed for photographing wildlife photography and still life photography are certainly different. Likewise with landscape photography, aka landscape photography.

Landscape photography is a genre that focuses on portraits of nature, such as mountains, sea, forests to the sky. See the explanation from Ading Attamimi, Nikon Indonesia Official Photographer in the Nikon Online Learning Program.

1. A tripod is a must-have photography accessory

Street photography enthusiasts may not need a tripod because they have to capture the moment very quickly. However, a tripod is the best investment for landscape photography. A tripod will keep the camera steady and avoid unwanted shake.

2. What are the basic settings for landscape photography?

The settings used to shoot landscape photography are certainly different from other genres. Pay attention to the exposure triangle, which is a combination of ISO, shutter speed and aperture.

Ading Attamimi suggests setting the ISO at 64-100 and the aperture at f / 8 to f / 18. Meanwhile, the shutter release adapts to our photo concept.

3. It is recommended to have at least 2-3 filters

We have to deal with nature when shooting landscapes. Sometimes, the lighting is too bright and even the lowest ISO can’t handle it. At least, there are three types of filters commonly used for landscape photography, namely graduated neutral density (GND), neutral density (ND) and circular polarisers (CPL).

4. Shooting in RAW format is recommended

In photographing landscapes, the recommended setting is to shoot in RAW format, select Adobe RGB Color Profile, set Auto Focus to AF-S Single Point with Auto White Balance and use Manual Mode. Why are we recommended to shoot in RAW format?

Why use Auto White Balance? Unlike shooting in a studio, outside lighting is not adjustable. If the light changes within one minute, it is impossible to change all the settings. Auto White Balance will make it easier to adjust the color to the original conditions, without the need to overhaul the settings again.

5. Landscape photography can be a profession, although it is not very common

Can the profession as a landscape photographer be as profitable as someone who takes part in wedding photography? Although not very common, landscape photography can be a great source of income.

Usually, photographers will get job offers from government agencies, hotels, flight operators to cruise ships. So, which one is more important, whether a body or lens upgrade for a landscape photographer?…

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Fashion Photography Tips from Rio Motret
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Fashion Photography Tips from Rio Motret

Fashion Photography Tips from Rio Motret – Rio Motret is one of the most well-known professional photographers in Indonesia, Rio MOtret has often been used, from models to artists.

Fashion photography plays an important role in the entertainment and fashion industry. Without the ability to process images, there would be no beautiful portraits that often adorn magazine pages or advertising billboards on the street. One of the well-known fashion photographers in Indonesia is Rio Wibowo or better known as Rio Motret.

Rio is a professional photographer who is a favorite of Indonesian artists and celebrities. Through the Nikon Online Learning Program which was held online last Saturday (25/4), Rio also shared his story as a fashion photographer. Listen, let’s!

1. Prepare the “combat equipment” in advance

Before starting the execution, of course we need to prepare the gear first. The three main Rio cameras are the Nikon Z7, D850 and D750. Meanwhile, the lenses that Rio uses most often to shoot fashion and portraits are 24-70mm, 50mm, 85mm and 35mm.

Meanwhile, Rio’s favorite lighting accessory is a beauty dish. There is also a standard reflector and octabox. For those who want to start as a fashion photographer, Rio suggests having a reflector. Besides being able to reflect light and make photos softer, reflectors are very light and easy to carry everywhere.

2. Then, draft your photo

Next, draft your photo concept. This concept consists of a mood board, model, set up, make up, wardrobe and accessories. According to Rio, we can create any concept, because we can freely work and express something in the form of fashion photos. This photo can be made into blur, grain, black & white, or vintage, according to the desired concept and still look artistic.

This mood board is made in the form of a picture collage. For example, if we want to take pictures with a silver concept, then look for inspiration for make-up, wardrobe and similar colored accessories. Then, adjust the hair do and photo background.

3. Choose a model that can convey this concept well

The next step, choose a model that can convey your concept well. According to Rio, a model does not have to be beautiful or handsome, but must match the character you are looking for. For example, the concept that was delivered was fierce, so look for a model that has certain facial characteristics such as a firm jaw or sharp eyes.

Meanwhile, male models tend to have masculine characters. As a result, lighting adjustments need to be made, for example, made dramatic, with harsh lighting, dark skintones and shadow. Of course, this is only a general description, because you can create a concept where women look masculine or men emphasize their feminine side.

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4. In order not to get bored, don’t use a plain background too often

After the concept is obtained, let’s move on to the set up. Rio suggested that we decorate the set up according to the concept. Because, if you only rely on a plain background, we will quickly get bored. So, what is Rio’s suggestion for the set up and background decoration?

To take portraits, we don’t need to set up too big, just 1×1 meter in size. Another way is to tear the background or throw the cloth to get around it so it doesn’t look boring. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, really!

5. Do not forget the wardrobe, accessories and make up, so that the photos look “telling”

According to Rio, the wardrobe is the strongest supporting element in fashion photography. He gave an example of the Pandawa Lima photo concept which involved several Indonesian actors. In the photo, you can see a wardrobe in the form of traditional Javanese clothing combined with batik cloth as a subordinate. Not to forget, bows and arrows to reinforce the concept of the photo.

So, where did the costumes come from? According to Rio, we don’t have to buy, but we can borrow from designers. You can also borrow clothes from students majoring in fashion design.

If the clothes you need are simple and can be purchased on the market, Rio suggests buying them. And of course, don’t forget to mention the brand or designer when the photos are uploaded to social media, as a token of appreciation.…

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Life Hack Photography ala Ranz and Niana

Life Hack Photography ala Ranz and Niana – Ranz and Niana are among the YouTubers who provide videos about dance, but recently Ranz and Niana shared some very unique life hack photoshoots.

Known as the fashionable siblings, Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero often show off their instagramable photos. Not wanting to be left behind, they are also following the busy photography hack trend.

You can get some creative effects only from cheap and easy to find objects and materials. Here are nine photography life hacks a la Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero that you can imitate!

1. Squatting in front of the mirror with a little letting the plant background reflected in the mirror

2. Only by sprinkling water on a medium sized glass can you get an aesthetic photo result

3. For a bolder effect, you can also try using a newspaper that has been burned in the middle

4. With a TV and sunglasses, you only need to put on a mixed color background and pose in front of it

5. When the used paper roll is connected to the cellphone light, the result is like a film!

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6. Just connect the sticker image you like via your cellphone or laptop to the projector in your house

7. Not wanting to be left behind, Niana also took part in making light trails-style photography that was viral

8. Create a trapping effect by placing a few ice cubes on a glass and making the poses as natural as possible

You can try it at home either alone or with the help of other family members, the results are guaranteed to be like a professional. Which photography life hack would you like to copy? Don’t forget to give it a try!…

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Photography Trends Born in the Pandemic
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Photography Trends Born in the Pandemic

Photography Trends Born in the Pandemic – With the covid-19 pandemic, many people spend their time doing various hobbies, one of which is photography.

The COVID-19 pandemic inevitably forces us to be creative. Being cooped up at home for months on self-quarantine certainly bore us to death. However, from this pandemic, a trend called virtual photoshoot was born.

Virtual photoshoot is a remote photo session between the photographer and the model facilitated by a laptop, smartphone, camera and internet connection. One of the photographers who is doing virtual photoshoot is Safirah Ishami.

1. With a laptop, camera, smartphone and internet connection only

The tools needed to execute a virtual photoshoot are not too many. Photographers only need a laptop, camera, and of course an internet connection to make video calls via Skype. Meanwhile, the model only requires a smartphone and tripod to be stable and shaky.

2. The concept and property are adapted to what is in the house

To compile a virtual photoshoot concept, the photographer and model will discuss each other. Following the #dirumahaja campaign, as much as possible the property and wardrobe use what is in the house. According to Fira, most of the models wear casual style clothes.

Especially for timing, the best sunlight is during the golden hour, which is morning at 08:00 or afternoon at 15: 00-17: 00. If possible, get the model in direct light and position itself near a window or spot where there is direct sunlight.

3. Signal becomes the main obstacle in virtual photoshoot

As much as possible, virtual photoshoots are held when the signal is in good condition. If not, the video will turn into boxes like a mosaic and affect the resulting photo.

The fastest photo session is carried out in 30 minutes and the maximum is 1.5 hours. Virtual photoshoot will be made easier if the model often takes selfies. So, he knows the best angle from which direction and what kind of pose to pose.

4. Optimistic that there is a bright future for virtual photography

Even though it started as a fun activity to kill time during #dirumahaja, now virtual photoshoots are growing. More and more brands are willing to pay dearly for virtual photoshoots for their campaigns. Not to mention, there are more and more competitions and competitions related to virtual photography. It could be, someday virtual photography will become a special photography genre!…

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