Life Hack Photography ala Ranz and Niana

Life Hack Photography ala Ranz and Niana – Ranz and Niana are among the YouTubers who provide videos about dance, but recently Ranz and Niana shared some very unique life hack photoshoots.

Known as the fashionable siblings, Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero often show off their instagramable photos. Not wanting to be left behind, they are also following the busy photography hack trend.

You can get some creative effects only from cheap and easy to find objects and materials. Here are nine photography life hacks a la Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero that you can imitate!

1. Squatting in front of the mirror with a little letting the plant background reflected in the mirror

2. Only by sprinkling water on a medium sized glass can you get an aesthetic photo result

3. For a bolder effect, you can also try using a newspaper that has been burned in the middle

4. With a TV and sunglasses, you only need to put on a mixed color background and pose in front of it

5. When the used paper roll is connected to the cellphone light, the result is like a film!

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6. Just connect the sticker image you like via your cellphone or laptop to the projector in your house

7. Not wanting to be left behind, Niana also took part in making light trails-style photography that was viral

8. Create a trapping effect by placing a few ice cubes on a glass and making the poses as natural as possible

You can try it at home either alone or with the help of other family members, the results are guaranteed to be like a professional. Which photography life hack would you like to copy? Don’t forget to give it a try!

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