Food Photography Tips to Look Good

Food Photography Tips to Look Good

Food Photography Tips to Look Good – Doing portraits of food is one of the things that food bloggers often do. When taking photos, you have to use a few tricks so that the photos look impressive and attractive.

When traveling, of course we never get out of the picture, right. Especially food photos. Besides being able to make a means of capturing memories, photographing food can also be used to introduce various preparations from one place to our world. Will be a new experience for them. But interesting shots, yes.

Photographing food during vacation moments is certainly something that must be carefully prepared, so that it is perfect. It’s impossible, right, we are repeating a vacation moment for the sake of a photo. So, here are some tips for taking pictures when you are traveling. Listen, let’s.

1. Use natural light

This one trick has become the key for photography enthusiasts everywhere. When shooting food, it is recommended that you use natural light and it is better to be in a place that tends to be shaded.

The reason is that natural light has the best color composition and can produce a more balanced look. Avoid too bright sunlight when taking photos of food, it will be even better.

2. Add some complementary items

Don’t just take pictures for granted, take a moment to look for complementary items that will enhance the delicacy and beauty of the display. You can add drinks or certain items and spices to suit the menu. With the addition of these complementary items, your food portraits will be more attractive and won’t look lonely.

3. Choose foods that are easy to organize and instagramable

Of course not everyone will bother to spend time arranging the food components to be photographed, right. If you are in that group, it is suitable for you to choose the type of food that you don’t need to be careful in arranging, such as a bowl of ice cream and fruit or a plate of sushi that looks instagramable. Besides that, you can also choose other menus that are hype, of course, to make it more interesting, huh.

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4. Shoot the scene

When traveling, of course we find various processed foods that are unique in making or serving. Of course you have to take this opportunity to make memories, huh.

You can take a picture of the food that the vendor is making, by focusing on the two objects. These tips are perfect for you to use while traveling and stopping at street food. It’s going to be more interesting.

5. Take a flat shot

If you have many types of food components that you need to show off, the landscape will be more instagramable! Taking flat lay pictures does produce a super cool appearance, but you also have to be patient in positioning all the things to make it look tidier.

For this type of image, position various food items, glasses and more. Then position your camera or cellphone up high and keep your balance so that it is parallel to the table.

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