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Factors That Cause Photos to Become Blurry

Factors That Cause Photos to Become Blurry – Photos that are out of focus, blurry, or blurry in English are annoying and unpleasant to look at, especially if the blur is the main object or subject of the photo. For this reason, a photographer must understand the causes of blurry photos because that way the photos can be sharp and focused so that they are pleasing to the eye.

Many photographers, both beginners and advanced, often make the background blurry. Indeed, this kind of photo is very popular because it makes the object in the photo stand out more. In addition, photos become more pleasing to the eye.

What are the factors that make the background of a photo blurry?

1. Lens aperture (Aperture)
By using a large lens aperture (f/2.8 or greater like f/1.4), the background becomes more blurred.

The bigger the opening, the smaller the number.

2. Lens focal length
The larger the focal range of the lens used, the more blurred the background will be. Example: The background of a photo taken with the focal range of a 55mm lens is blurry than when taken with the focal range of an 18mm lens.

3. The ratio of the distance between the subject of the photo and the camera and the distance between the subject and the background.
The closer the camera is to the subject of the photo and the farther the subject is from the background, the more blurred the photo will be.

Example: If the distance from the camera to the subject of the photo is 1 cm, and the distance from the subject of the photo to the background is 20 m, it can be ascertained that the background becomes very blurry. This is because the ratio / distance ratio is very large.

Conversely, if the distance from the camera to the subject of the photo is 20m, and the distance from the subject of the photo to the background is 1 cm, it can be ascertained that the background becomes very clear / sharp.

4. The size of the sensor in your camera.
Camera sensor sizes vary, the bigger it is, the easier it is to blur the background. A cell phone camera or pocket camera has a relatively small sensor size compared to digital SLR cameras. In digital SLR cameras, there are several types of sensor sizes.

The smallest to the largest are: Four thirds (4 to 3 ratio), there are crop sensors 1.6 (Canon), 1.5 (Nikon, Pentax, Sony), there are also full frame (Nikon, Sony) and medium format ( Phase One, Leica S2).

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5. Hand swaying/moving
When you’re shooting, get into the habit of not moving until the photos are displayed on the monitor/LCD screen.

Why? Because digital cameras take a while to process the data sent through the lens and sensor. A swaying or sudden movement of the hand causes the lens to shift, even slightly, and incorrect data is sent to the processor.

The slightest movement or hand holding the camera will ensure the result is almost certainly a blurry photo.

6. Moving objects
The camera is already on a tripod and is stable, will the photos not be blurry? Maybe not.

If the object suddenly moves, the blur will definitely be present as well. The explanation is the same as a moving hand because the focus of the lens changes and shifts.

7. Light source is lacking
Cameras need enough light to take good photos. Lack of light sources will require the correct setting of the exposure triangle so that the problem can be solved, namely by changing the ISO, Aperture (Shutter / Diaphragm), or shutter speed (speed of opening the shutter).

Errors in settings, such as a shutter speed that is too slow will cause blur to appear in the photo.

8. Aperture is too narrow
Blur may also be caused by an error in using the aperture. You set the number to a small number, such as f/1.8 or f/2.2. These numbers show you ordered the camera so that the part that is in focus/sharp in the photo area is narrow.

This makes it difficult to focus, especially if the object is moving.

9. Forgot to turn off manual focus mode
This one often happens to DSRL or Mirrorless camera users where the lens has two focus modes, AF (auto focus) or MF (Manual Focus). The way to change it is by sliding the button to the required mark.

Not infrequently after using MF mode, we forget to return it to AF. The result is a blurry photo.…

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Tips for Making Flatlay Photos

Tips for Making Flatlay Photos – Along with the development of social media in the current digital era, flatlay photos are becoming increasingly popular among creators. Whether it’s for product photos, food, photo content for advertising and promotions, and so on. Flatlay photos are basically still life photos (photography of inanimate objects) taken from a “bird eye view” angle or photographed from an angle from above.

To make flatlay photos that are attractive and aesthetically pleasing, there are a few tips that you can do as a photographer or creator. Here are tips for making attractive flatlay photos:

1. Research and determine the concept of your photo first.

To create an attractive flatlay photo, you need to determine the theme or concept of your photo. Usually the author writes down the concept of the photo that the author will make in a notebook.
After that, the author will look at examples of interesting flatlay photos as photo inspiration. Next, the author will make a rough sketch on a notebook to guide the composition of the flatlay photo to be made. This is very important, so that when you are ready to execute your photos, you will no longer be confused about which photo ideas you will take.

2. Select the main object of your photo.

After finalizing the concept of your photo, choose the main object of your photo. This object will later become the point of interest of your flatlay photo. The main object can be a product that you will promote, food, goods, and so on.

3. Select the appropriate photo background.

Next, choose a photo background that matches the main object of your photo. If the main subject of your photo is dark, choose a background with a light color.
Conversely, if the main object of your photo is a light color, choose a photo background with a dark color. This will give your photo a good contrast and focus effect.

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4. Use a simple color palette.

To produce attractive flatlay photos, you also need to determine the color palette of your photos. Choosing a harmonious color palette will make your photos aesthetically pleasing.
For example, if the background of your photo is pink, you can add additional objects that are more contrasting, such as dark red and black as in the example image above.

5. Use natural lighting.

One of the things that can ruin your flatlay photos is the effect of shadows that are too harsh or dominant on your photos. To prevent this, try doing a photo shoot close to a window in your home or other place where there is natural light.

Try the lighting on your flatlay photo is natural light that is soft so that the shadow effect on the photo can give depth to your photo and not be too dominant.

6. Use a low ISO setting, a fast shutter speed, and a high F-stop in your camera settings.

For your flatlay photo purposes, use an ISO setting of 200 or lower, this setting will produce a clear image in your photo. A fast shutter speed and high aperture value will produce sharp images for your photos.

7. Use the rule of thirds composition or the rule of odds in your photo composition.

If you are confused in determining the visual composition for your flatlay photo, you can use the rule of thirds composition technique or the rule of odds. These two composition techniques will make the main object of your photo have an eye-catching composition.
Flatlay photos are perfect for use in product photography, food, or still life photos for your photo content needs. Knowing the right ways to make flatlay photos that are attractive and aesthetically pleasing will help you produce creative and unique photos. So, now are you interested in making a flatlay photo in your home?…

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The Best Advice To Win Online Slot Gambling
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The Best Advice To Win Online Slot Gambling

The Best Advice To Win Online Slot Gambling – Many first time casino visitors want to master to win slot machines. Over time, enjoying slots became very popular all over the world.

It’s fun and pretty simple to do. For those who understand the right strategy, you can actually win big. The enthusiasm that you might believe as if you won is priceless.

Fun and money will be the main explanation why people love playing with slots so much. Once you hit the arrow and pull the handle, the heart will start pumping and the anticipation of securing the jack pot begins. These adventures can be addictive because when you win, you may tend to want to earn more.

You will find several tactics to make as much money as possible every time you win. Different players know different procedures and approaches. The most perfect way to get a big chance to win is to find the right place. Most of the best slots from the casinos are seen in general purpose. Your first task is to identify which slots pragmatic play terbaru have the biggest payouts.

The typical belief that slots have a definite chance of success is the dream. As a matter of fact, casinos around the world are setting far better machines in tactical places. All of these machines are designed to give these players easy chances of winning heavy jackpots. For participants who want to achieve success, the challenge of finding these tools will be yours. If you’d rather learn how to win slot machines, here are some helpful hints:

The best machines are called “popular slots” and the terrible ones are called “cold slots”. Therefore in order for you to be able to get the really big one, you must first understand where the cool slots are and stay away from them. Most of the time, cold slots are placed near the entrance. Machines with good payouts are usually not set in receipts as this can disable individuals from maneuvering around the casino to engage in other games. That’s why avoid the slots near the entrance.

You should also avoid slot machines that are near the table for blackjack, poker, roulette and other casino games. The machines near these table games are all expected to function as cool slots.

In finding a “hot slot”, the first thing to do is try to play a small number of machines that are near a successful asserts booth. Machines that are very good at paying out will often be placed around this area so people will hear the cheers of success and be interested in doing more. Another trick is to choose slot machines in multiple locations where food has been offered. This machine will most likely function as a “hot slot”.

The absolute most important tip that you need to keep in mind is to always avoid machines that are next to the known “sexy slots”. Casinos do not place two machines close to each other. Knowing that the machines really are “popular slots” or even “cold slots” before taking part in large numbers is an excellent technique of what steps to take to win at slot machines.…

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